Does My Child Need a Mouth guard?

This is a question that parents tend to ask dentists time and time again. Should a child wear a mouth guard? This might seem silly, but it actually is super important to wear a mouth guard. While you should have, a child brush their teeth immediately, it’s also important that older children do play sports. Playing sports is often a very fun thing for a child to do, since it can build teamwork skills, and it helps a kid stay healthy and active. However, contact sports are the most common cause of chipped and broken teeth according to a dentist in Pacoima. In many people’s minds, it might seem weird to wear one, but this article will talk about why a child should wear a mouth guard.

Now, as a child plays a sport, it’s important that they wear a mouth guard, no exception really. Even some schools require a mouth guard for some sports, especially in terms of ice hockey and tackle football. However, there are more sports that cause this issue. For example, soccer and basketball requires it cause of flying elbows that often lead to injuries. Lacrosse and baseball often involve fast-moving balls that can really hurt a tooth. Hard contact is often a big part of this as well, and it can cause injuries if you’re not careful. Even ice skating and skateboarding can often lead to this, because a child might end up falling and that results in a broken tooth. Even girls need to wear mouth guards, since cheerleading and other sports often involve falling, and girls do get injured playing sports too.

Now, you might wonder why, especially if the child has baby teeth. Many people think that if a child has a baby tooth, it’s okay if it gets damaged, but that isn’t the case. Trauma from an accident like that actually can cause injury to the supporting tissue and bone, and even to the permanent teeth under that. Any baby teeth that are knocked out before they come in can also lead to problems with spacing and even alignment of the teeth. If a kid has baby teeth, don’t think that they’re impervious to this. You should always protect them.

You can also get a mouth guard to help protect against concussions in a sense as well. This is another question that while there isn’t enough evidence, there is some debate as to whether this will help. It certainly can benefit a child, especially if they get knocked in the head. You’ll definitely want it regardless.

Now, you can rinse the mouth guard in warm liquid each day to help make sure it stays clean. You should wash it after every use, since there are germs on this, and it can get super unsanitary if you’re not careful. As a parent, you should make sure that you do this. This is often pretty simple, but it can help keep any bacteria and germs away from the mouth and to help protect the child’s health as well.

In terms of what to get, the custom ones are often the best if you’re going to be in heavy-contact sports. These are pricy, but if you think about it, they will help to fully protect the mouth in many ways. They’re strong, and for many who are wanting to fully protect a child’s’ mouth, his give the best protection. You can get one from the drugstore, but they’re often not nearly as strong and they need to be replaced every few months if a child is using it. Plus, the drugstore ones don’t really protect as well against injury, so the child could still get a tooth knocked out if not careful.


Being smart abut this is certainly important. As a parent, you should talk to your dentist in Pacoima to ensure that your child has a mouth guard that will protect them. You owe it to yourself to have the best oral health for a child, and while brushing and flossing is a key part, another major part of this is also to make sure that the child wears a mouth guard. It will make their dental health better, and prevent injury to the mouth as well for them.


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